Brazil Ipanema Premier Cru Aura Magna A35 - Gold Edition

RM 70.00

Nashi Pear, Kyoho Grape, Juicy

Origin: Brazil

Region: Minas Gerais

Variety: Red Acaia

Altitude: 1088 - 1143 masl

Process: Pulped Natural

Roast Level: Light Medium Roast



This is an extremely special coffee from a wonderful, world-renowned estate. Those wine lovers will spot the Grand Cru reference & the A35 wine - this is exactly that - a 'best of the best' coffee with beautiful wine-like character. Think boozy fruit, big body & sweet finish. Truly stunning coffee.


The Ipanema Estate has three world-class coffee farms in the South Minas Gerais region of Brazil where a large percentage of the land is reserved for environmental conservation and protected forest areas. The Ipanema estate is a world-famous coffee producer, using & innovating some of the top practices and machinery in coffee production.

Fazenda Rio Verde – Ipanema’s highest altitude farm is 650 hectares of coffee fields surrounded by 900 hectares of forests, environmental protection areas and 51 natural springs. Six years ago, Ipanema began intensive testing of their 69 different terroirs on the 130+-year-old Rio Verde farm. Of the 69 plots, only the best 32 were selected for growing speciality coffee. Ipanema also invested in a brand-new state-of-the-art processing facility, complimented by the latest technology to produce only the best coffees.

After extensive research in conjunction with other coffee-producing countries such as Colombia, Ipanema started experimenting with alternate harvesting, drying and washing techniques. Additionally, the wine, whisky and beer industries lent other processes that could be applied to their coffee production. Finally, in 2017/2018 Ipanema launched their premium coffees under the brand Premier Cru.